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Our Montessori elementary school education program (ages 6-12) draws upon the independence of the student, encouraging self-directed study and independent research while developing skills and knowledge through one-on-one instruction and small group lessons. Using a combination of Montessori and traditional education materials and practices, students learn how to make decisions, solve problems, and manage their time within the context of academics.

Our core curriculum is comprised of mathematics, geometry, science, language arts, history, and geography. Students are placed individually by ability for math, spelling, and reading instruction; other subjects are based on grade level.

elementary montessori school at brookfield academy

Our Montessori Elementary School

Montessori logic dictates a learning sequence that begins with global concepts and builds toward specific details. For example, a student will move from the study of the globe to the study of the continents and the people and culture that occupies it. Montessori teachers combine high expectations for children with hands-on, challenging, and engaging materials in an environment designed to foster academic success and social skills.

Children develop socially and emotionally in a safe, consistent atmosphere provided by teachers who are sensitive to their needs. Before & after school activities include science and nature projects, arts and crafts, independent reading, free playtime, organized games, elementary homework session and access to special tutoring, various enrichment programs, and our elementary soccer program.

Our elementary school program meets or exceeds all state and Common Core standards. 
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Program Options:
Elementary Program
  • 5 days/week
  • 8:15am - 3:15pm
Before/After School Program
  • 7:00am - 6:00pm
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Teacher and Students
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Find an Elementary Program

Elementary Programs are offered at the following campus locations:


  1. Rochester Hills School
  2. Troy School
  3. West Bloomfield School
Brookfield Academy welcomes a large array of students and families to our Montessori school. We believe that through the diversity of our student body, children deepen their perspectives of understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect.
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