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Brookfield Academy Admissions Process

Brookfield Academy welcomes a diverse student body to our Montessori school. We believe that through the diversity of our student body, children deepen their perspectives of understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect.

brookfield academy admissions

School Admissions Process

  1. Learn about the programs offered at each campus.
  2. Schedule a visit at the campuses that meet your needs.
  3. Attend a Parent Orientation with the school’s principal. This mandatory orientation allows us to get to know you and to discuss the enrollment process.
  4. Complete the admissions application, registration fee, and enrollment packet.
  5. Send your child’s academic transcripts (for students entering grades 1-5 only).

Once the completed forms and deposit are received, applicants are placed on a waiting list pending availability in the campus and program of choice. If you have any question on the admissions procedure, please contact the school office.

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Our Grading System

Brookfield Academy parents can access weekly grading online using FACTS along with quarterly report cards.Login to access your account on FACTS.

Bloomz makes it easy for teachers and the school to safely communicate and coordinate with parents, share media, school events, instantly message parents and stay up-to-date with activities in the building. Contact the school office if you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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